Forest Park Circle Tenants Association


Welcome fellow tenants!


This site has been established for the residents of Forest Park Circle Apartments at 4100 Ponytrail Drive and 1850 Rathburn Road in the Rockwood community in Eastern Mississauga.

Tenants at both buildings are expressing their frustration with maintenance issues in their building! If you are a resident at either location and are experiencing facility problems, you are welcome to join this group!

You can sign up to belong to the Association on the Contact Page or just review some of the information provided on this site regarding landord and tenant responsibilities.

We welcome your interest and would be pleased if you joined the association.

Together we join our voices, to act as one, for the benefit of all tenants.

Take action, make a stand!

July 20, 2018 Updates

Information about applications for a rent increase above the guideline here 

What are landlords allowed to ask? A lawyer weighs in

Re-development Proposal - Update

On March 21, 2016 the City of Mississauga Council voted to approve the revised development plan for two condominium towers to be built. 

Area residents and tenants are not happy about it but there is good news for the existing buildings! 

The agreement that the City and the Developer have signed includes a number of improvements to the two rental buildings listed in "Schedule F" as follows:

1.  Elevator cabs will be upgraded.

2.  Laundry equipment will be retrofitted to accept cash to card payment methods.

3.  Common areas (corridors and lobbies) will see new finishes.

4.  Landscaping will be replaced and updated where necessary.

5.  Underground levels will be repaired where necessary.

6.  The services of a security consultant will be retained for assessment to generally enhance the system.

7.  Parking areas will be resurfaced.

8.  Internal and external amenity spaces (ie. Gym and rec rooms) will be updated.

9.  A waste management study addressing improvements with screening and bins to bring them up to date will be undertaken.

10.  All paid parking will be removed.

11.  Site drainage and grading improvements will be made.

12.  Storm water management improvements will be made.

Here is a link to the full agreement:

Adequate Heat Bylaw:

Unfortunately our bylaws dictate that heat has to be provided between Sept 15 and June 1. So we will not have A/C for the coming heat wave! Here is the link to the bylaw! 


Letter to Property 

Owners DMI

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Response from DMI Property Owners

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Notice to Units re Joining the Tenants Association:

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If you wish to sign up and can supply an email address go click HERE and fill out the form

Know your rights!

If you are a tenant and want to know your rights as to the standards of the building you live in click here:

As there are maintenance issues at 4100 Ponytrail involving the malfunction of elevators and hot water being shut off approximately every two weeks, essential services that the owner is responsible for, we as tenants are not being provided the essential services that we are entitled too and pay for!

Individual complaints seem to fall on deaf ears.

Therefore we are forming an association to represent the tenants and fight for our rights with a larger voice, a group voice.

Visit " A Guide to the Residential Tenancies Act" here


Know your responsibilities:

We as tenants also have responsibilities: 

For more information you can read the act here:

Residential Tenancy Act

For a quick overview go to the 

Tenant Responsibilities Page